A man sues for reducing his age by 20 years

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Spooked by Tinder’s prospects for a 69-year-old man, Emile Rattleband, a resident of the Netherlands, petitioned the court for permission. He legally reduced his age by 20 years. According to his logic, “We live in a time when you can change your name and change your gender. Why can’t I determine my age?” Although this sounds completely laughable, it is perhaps an interesting philosophical debate over a cup or two of beer.

Age is just a number … or is it?

At the heart of Rattleband’s claim is discrimination. He believes having to reveal his age affects his ability to have better dates and better jobs. In America, an employer will not know his age unless he says so. So if he was already looking at age 49, the employer wouldn’t be the wiser. Rattleband’s efforts may gain more influence in trying to change employment laws that discriminate on the basis of age.

But what about dates? It’s impressive that Rattleband wants to legally change his age instead of just lying about him on Tinder, as many people undoubtedly do. after every thing, It is not completely illegal To lie about your age on a dating app. When it comes to dating, people are legally allowed to discriminate, even when it comes to protected classes like gender, race, and religion. There is no law against that. And I would dare say I have quite a few random friends when it comes to dating, for better or for worse! But maybe, just maybe, Rattleband has a point. Could it be illegal for Tinder to ask people to state their ages?

Maybe we should finish it at 40+

Interestingly, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) Discrimination against persons 40 and over is prohibited. It does not protect people under the age of 40, although some state laws do. Extrapolating this general policy to dating, it would probably be illegal on dating sites to ask anyone over the age of 40. So the age groups might be 18-24, 25-32, 33-38, 39+. Although there is a legal reason to confirm that people are over the age of 18, there probably must be a legal reason not to ask whether they are over the age of 40.

Rattleband lives in the Netherlands, so US law enforcement is just for fun. But it makes you think, Rattleband might have a point. It might be illegal for apps to ask for an age group over 40. Happy dating everyone!

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