A pound of meth was found in the Mystery Package from the Apple Store

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There’s no doubt the Apple Store on Grand Central Station gets weekly shipments of packages full of addictive content. But this summer, one of them arrived that was very unusual. An incredibly unusual series of events appeared during the summer, culminating in the arrest of Richard Dean Design of Los Angeles for a group of Fees related to methamphetamine.

This week, Dizayn was called in to plot to deliver multiple shipments of methamphetamine worth tens of thousands of dollars, with plans to distribute them throughout the New York City area. Specifically, it was Dizayn Accused With conspiracy in the second and fourth counts, the criminal sale of a second-degree controlled substance, and the criminal possession of a second and third degree controlled substance. He pleaded not guilty.

The events leading to the arrest of Meath

On July 7, 2018, an Apple employee in the New York City store was going through his regular routine, opening shipments today, when he came across a strange parcel directed at “R De Sain”. According to police, that package contains 559 grams of methamphetamine. Police also said that someone tried to forward this package to the nearby Duane Reade pharmacy, but it didn’t work. The next day, Desain came from the store and asked if a parcel had been wrongly delivered to him. Unbeknownst to Desine, police were waiting for him nearby and arrested him.

Dizayn had more than 100 grams of methamphetamine on him at the time of his arrest. Over the course of the summer, it became clear that this was not Dizayn’s only shipment of methamphetamine to New York City, and was part of a larger distribution chain operating within the Big Apple.

solve the puzzle? not exactly

As the details of this story unfold, many questions come to mind that inquiring minds might want to ask Mr. Design. Did you check the address multiple times before dropping this package in the mail? Most people do this only for their Christmas cards. Once you realize you’ve mailed it to the wrong address, was it a really good idea to ask if a package was delivered to the Apple Store for you?

Looking at the series of crimes you have been accused of, have you ever had a thought about the cost of 559g of methamphetamine? And why on earth would you be looking for the lost methamphetamine with 100 grams on you already? Obviously, you didn’t think the police had been or may not have been notified Know how illegal methamphetamine is? And maybe a question should be brought up to Apple or NYC Police Department … 559 grams is a very strange amount. Are you sure you don’t lose a few grams?

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