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Like most legal questions, whether an offending bumper sticker would be deemed illegal depends on the details. In general, as long as the bumper poster is not obscene, pornographic, or obscure your view, it is, in all likelihood, covered under Free Speech Protection in First Amendment.

Unfortunately, find out What is obscene It is not as easy as finding out what is offensive. As a result, incredible news stories pop up about people (well maybe only one person from Florida) with their cars decked out with the words “I EAT A **” who were arrested for refusing to have it removed. Yeah, This is what actually happened to one man in Florida Who would have thought it would be funny to decorate their pickup truck with a window decal that shares TMI with the world.

Being abusive is not illegal

While parents may regret the day their children see the window sticker and have to answer the question “what does that mean,” the criminal charges against Dillon Webb were dropped at the first sign he was being stabbed. Now, Webb is considering filing its own lawsuit. Webb is already caught after Refusal of an officer order to remove the last letter S from the “I EAT A **” window poster.

This story is not strange, believe it or not. Not long ago, headlines popped up after a man threw a joke at his brother, and put a blunt depiction of stick figures having sex, along with the phrase “creating my family” underneath, on the rear window of his brother’s car. While this is a funny joke between the two brothers, younger brother He was stopped by cops while driving in Tennessee. But just as in Webb’s case, things change after attorneys-at-law.

Distracting drivers

It is strange that although states may not be able to restrict the messages that people share on their bumper stickers, even if they include vulgar language, situations can certainly restrict how this message is displayed in various ways. One common law includes It is prohibited to place stickers on the windshield and rear window of the vehicle. Usually, most state laws prohibit blocking more than a small portion of a vehicle’s windshield with stickers or stickers.

In particular, if you are thinking about putting an offensive message on your car, you may want to think twice because it may increase the likelihood that you will be stopped for other reasons, harassed by those who do not like the message, or you think it is inappropriate.

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