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Once internet stars rise, they can drop – thanks to the power of online followers who are quick to spot and spread news of influencer bugs.

The latest innovator who found himself in hot water is TikTok star Bryce Hall, who made headlines multiple times in Throwing overcrowded house parties At COVID-19-ridden LA, despite warnings from local officials. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti even threatened to cut utilities and electricity to Sway House in Hole – but is that really within his power?

What’s happening in Los Angeles (spreads, because it’s contagious)

Coronavirus cases have been increasing in Los Angeles for weeks, leading to tighter restrictions on COVID-19, including Banning gatherings and parties of all sizes. However, that hasn’t stopped influencers from Hosting (and posting about) parties Few, if any, guests wear masks and practice social distancing as urged by health and government officials.

Many Los Angeles homes received warnings from their local party police department after noise complaints were filed. Mayor Garcetti Angelenos urged to stop the spread of the virus by stopping parties, and threatened to crack down on repeat offenders by closing facilities within 48 hours.

The Sway House in Bryce Hall reportedly was First goal with Garcetti tweeted on August 19Today, the city has authorized the segregation of utility service at a home in the Hollywood Hills to stop the big parties held there in flagrant violation of our public health orders. Parties such as these can quickly and easily spread the virus and endanger our communities.

Can the mayor really do that?

So far, the answer appears to be yes. Government officials have always been granted greater discretion and authority in times of public crisis – and a global pandemic is sure to qualify.

Back in late March, Garcetti announced this as well Los Angeles was cutting off the water For non-essential businesses that continued to operate in violation of stay-at-home orders. In Massachusetts, the gym was cut off, which continued to operate nonetheless Close orders, which the judge subsequently confirmed.

As of now, it appears that no legal challenge has been raised to combat Garcetti’s facility closure policy. One is unlikely to succeed, given that repeatedly endangering public health by throwing parties in violation of government orders during a fatal pandemic is something that is frowned upon by legal authorities in general.

If you are wondering how to avoid shutting down your facilities in the future, the best way to ensure the continued water and energy service in your residence is not to host the parties during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Bryce – or any other TikToker facing legal trouble – if you’re reading this, you can head over to FindLaw’s Lawyer Directory to find Attorney attorney near you.

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