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Kevin Spacey sits in the court next to his defense attorneyNantucket, Massachusetts – January 7, 2019: Actor Kevin Spacey (left) attended his indictment on sexual assault charges with his attorney Alan Jackson at Nantucket County Courthouse on January 7, 2019 in Nantucket, Massachusetts. (Photo by Nicole Harnishfeger-Pool / Getty Images)

Update 7/18/2019: On Wednesday, July 17, prosecutors announced that they had dropped the case against Spacey. Prosecutors blamed Spacey’s defendant’s refusal to testify about his mobile phone, which was lost. Spacey’s legal team confirmed that the phone contained crucial evidence proving the actor’s innocence. Our original story about the criminal case that’s starting to fall apart is below:

It was a new twist on a cause that was getting more and more weird by the day. The 21-year-old who accuses Kevin Spacey of sexual assault filed a civil lawsuit in late June against the actor.

But after a little over a week, The accused and his lawyer dropped the civil lawsuit. The man’s lawyer declined to comment, but indicated that they volunteered the case. The development sparked new speculation about what would happen in the case. Spacey is facing indecent assault and battery charges for alleged touching the man when he was an 18-year-old waiter at a restaurant in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

The end of the lawsuit precedes the runaway day in the criminal court

The fireworks did not stop when the lawsuit was dropped. Monday in Massachusetts Criminal Court, The accused protested his right to the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination After he admitted that he did not provide all the text messages he sent to his girlfriend at the time and his friends during the alleged assault to the police.

In a subsequent affidavit, the defendant’s mother admitted to having deleted some text and pictures from the phone. She said she deleted some embarrassing pictures and text messages of her son to protect him, but did not delete anything related to the case.

Spacey’s defense team continues to hammer the fact that the mobile phone is still missing. They haven’t checked the phone yet, and He confirms that there could be exculpatory information about him.

Also Monday, a Massachusetts state police officer testified that he had returned the phone to the family after the investigation, but had not required them to sign a receipt. The defendant’s father continues to confirm that he does not remember receiving the phone from the police.

Judge Hinz’s case may soon be over

After the plaintiff protested with Fifth Amendment rights and removed his testimony from the record, Spacey’s attorney asked the judge to dismiss the case immediately. The judge acknowledged that the case was no longer in good condition without the testimony of the accused.

“The issue is about this person, and without him the Commonwealth would have a difficult argument,” he said. Spacey’s attorney said he will file an application to dismiss the case later this month.

A law professor at Suffolk University agrees, Pointing out that if Spacey’s team had access to the phone, they could use it to make the accused “look foolish” in court.

Even if the case is ultimately dismissed, Spacey’s troubles are far from over – and they are not limited to the US courts. The Greater London Police admitted this earlier this month The investigators traveled to the United States in May to interrogate Spacey Due to multiple allegations of sexual assault.

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