Exec gave opiates a doctor’s lap dance to boost sales

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Sales, no matter what you sell, are a tough racket. You need a great product, great presentation, and great sales team. It helps to have “closer” on this team – someone who can show up late and seal the deal. It also helps if this closer is a former stripper and it is Offer club lap dances to your clinicians To get them to prescribe more opioids.

The accusation was brought against Sunrise Lee, former Insys Therapeutics’ regional sales director, and brought during court testimony involving federal extortion charges against Lee and four other Insys executives. Fun!

Dancing and drugs

The story of a sales executive of strippers-to-drug companies centers around Dr. Paul Madison, who allegedly ran a “shady grain mill” in a “small mall in an unpleasant area of ​​town” and was known to prescribe too much opioids. Insys has been selling opioids, especially the addictive and potentially lethal fentanyl spray called Subsys. Insys wanted Madison’s business, so they brought Madison to a club after a company sponsored dinner party, and brought them closer.

According to former sales representative Holly Brown to Madison and Lee that evening, “She was sitting on his lap, kind of bouncing, and his hands were on her chest.”

Something for something

This may be the time to point out that Lee had had no prior pharmaceutical industry experience before joining Insys, and Brown also testified that Lee wore “in a sexually suggestive manner” and “showed more cleavage than the average salesperson.” Former sales vice president Alec Berlakov – who has also been indicted in the racketeering case and is collaborating with investigators – was also quoted as saying, “The doctors really enjoyed spending time with [Lee]And it was “closer.”

Insys left nothing to chance, and also paid Madison at least $ 70,800 in “speaker fees” to pimp their products at the events.

Madison was Convicted in November Of the unrelated charges he defrauded insurance companies for paying for his missed chiropractic procedures, and he is awaiting verdict.

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