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Many people remember Britney Spears’ public meltdown in 2008. Fans, critics, and tabloid consumers alike were shocked by the pictures of the pop singer shaving her head and driving with one of her young children on her lap.

In the decade that followed, her “comeback” and ability to talk about her struggles with mental health problems won her a new audience and renewed her fortune.

What a lot of people don’t realize, despite all appearances that she’s back in control of her life, is that since 2008, Her father, Jimmy Spears, was serving as her guardian. This has resulted in a large group of Britney’s fans starting the hashtag “#FreeBritney” to advocate her “release” and allow her to live her life on her terms.

What is Hafiz?

Being Britney under guardianship means that despite being an adult, her father is responsible for most of her affairs and assets.

The court will appoint a guard (or guardian, depending on the state) for Overseeing a person’s financial and sometimes healthcare decisions When this person cannot create it by himself. Custodian responsibilities may include:

  • pay bills
  • Manage inventory holdings
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Real estate sale

A person who does not want to be under guardianship can file a case in an effort to prove to the court that he is capable of making independent and sound decisions.

Does Britney still need a guard?

Despite an active presence on social media portraying her as a mother, energetic and fun-loving, Britney made no statements about her desire to change her legal arrangement.

In fact, she insisted on fans in a post on Instagram saying, “I’m strong, standing up for what I want.”

But Britney’s sudden cancellation of her long-running Las Vegas music stay has sparked speculation that she has no control over her affairs. In fact, her father can restrict her visitors and control all the financial details of her life.

The news came on the heels of the resignation of Britney’s assistant, a Los Angeles attorney, leaving her father as the sole guardian.

Legal observers have pointed out that it seems odd for the hard-working 37-year-old pop star to have a bodyguard, but, as with most celebrity matters, there is often a lot behind that curtain.

With a large property valued at hundreds of millions of dollars, Spears likely faces a constant threat of financial exploitation. There is no incentive or incentive for the judge to keep Britney wrongly in mind.

As one of the lawyers familiar with the matter said: “The courts will do everything in their power to ensure that the person is not preserved unless he really needs to.”

In short, there is likely to be a good reason for the guardianship to remain in place.

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