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CHICAGO - May 09: R&B singer Kelly (left) arrives at Cook County Courthouse where jury selection for the Child Speech Trial is scheduled to begin May 9, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois.  Kelly has been accused of videotaping himself having sex with a girl he believes is not older than 13.  Kelly faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.  (Photo by Scott Olson / Getty Images)

R. Kelly is no stranger to allegations of sexual misconduct. Some of these allegations have led to criminal charges, while others have not. In 2008, for example, he was found not guilty Child pornography. More than a decade later, in early 2019, he was On charges of sexual assault of minors. right Now, R. Kelly is now facing an additional fee Include one of these minors.

Same victim, new charges

the new Indictment It concerns a woman, identified as a “JP” in the indictment, who prosecutors say she met Kelly during his trial in 2008 and began having sexual contact with him the following year. What’s wrong with this? She was only 16 years old.

The four most dangerous counts are in Kelly’s 11 counts of aggravated crime Sexual assault. This crime is an X-degree felony, which can carry a sentence of up to six to 30 years in prison. Kelly’s previous charges had a possible prison term of up to seven years, but were also left on probation as a possibility. The aggravated criminal sexual assault charges allege that in January of 2010, Kelly forced himself into JP while also physically beating her. It was also alleged to have threatened her life or endangerment. These are new accusations from earlier allegations that “Kelly slapped and strangled JB during their sexual encounters.”

Survivor involved in the new cartoons

Although the prosecutors did not use her real name, the survivor had declared herself Gironda Pace. After reports of the new charges surfaced, Pace confirmed on Twitter that the new charges were her.

Pace’s story was first revealed in an article on Buzzfeed in August 2017. The author, journalist Jim Dirogates, has been reporting allegations against Kelly for years. Pace’s story was also part of the lifelong documentary “Surviving R. Kelly”. The six-hour documentary claimed NR. Kelly manipulated young women into being part of the “sex cult”.

R. Kelly has pleaded not guilty to the previous charges and will return to court next week to face the new charges.

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