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Crime scene tape

“I will use all necessary means to stop you, for your safety.”

At first glance, these words, From a NYPD officer to a biker The Citi Bike that currently rests on the wheel of a fine officer, seems paradoxical. But when you think about it, it really makes sense.

Officer, History student, Knows you sometimes need to burn a village to save it. And in this case, he needed to hit a cyclist in order to save him. Save him from what exactly?

Stop hitting yourself!

You see, the cyclist (allegedly) turned on red lights. He also (allegedly) ignored the officer’s orders to stop cycling. This may be because he (allegedly) wore ear buds while cycling. And what if the brave police officer did not intervene violently with lethal force? Well, the outlaw biker could have kept up his crime spree – he was walking down A Avenue and assuming he was listening to some intoxicating tunes. And we all know how dangerous that is.

“Statistics show that nearly all road deaths are caused by car and truck drivers,” According to Streetsblog NYC, “But NYPD continues to enforce traffic laws in a way that suggests police often see cyclists as a more serious threat to the public.” And so this happened:

This is for your benefit!

As the cyclist refers to the officer in the video, the Citi Bike vs SUV with the armored patrol for the tête-á-tête isn’t a really fair fight. To her credit, the New York Police Department announced a week after the accident that they would do so He halted his practice of launching 72-hour tickets to target cyclists after another cyclist was killed by a chauffeur. (New York Post report At least 15 cyclists have been killed in the city this year alone.)

A cyclist – who called 911 for help after he was hit by the officer’s car – received four calls: two for turning on the red light, one for wearing headphones, and one for failing to comply with a legal order. Certainly a small price to pay for ensuring his safety in the future.

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