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Singer R. Kelly in a lawsuit walks into court surrounded by the legal team

Already facing a range of charges in Illinois for alleged sexual misconduct with a minor, the legal status of singer R. Kelly is getting worse.

last week, Federal prosecutors in Chicago and Brooklyn unveiled separate indictments 18 charges against Kelly. The Chicago indictment alleges that Kelly had sexual contact with five underage girls, videotaped some of those encounters, and bribed the girls and their families to remain silent. The Brooklyn indictment alleges kidnapping, forced labor and sexual exploitation of underage girls.

Disturbing allegations

Has been on bail since February, when he was indicted in Cook County Courthouse, This week, a federal judge ordered Kelly to be held without bail. While Kelly’s attorney argued that his client would have already fled the country if he had, prosecutors described him as a threat to society and an escape risk.

The indictments allege he prompted the girls to call him “daddy” and ask permission to do things like eating or using the bathroom. The indictments also accused two Kelly employees of forcing the girls to take polygraph tests when some of the infamous videos disappeared. The indictments state that Kelly used a combination of “physical abuse, violence, threats of violence, extortion, and other controlling behaviors” to prevent them from going to the authorities.

Upgrade fee in the mix

Features indictment in Brooklyn Blackmail chargeIt is a tool prosecutors often use in drug cartel or mafia cases. The charge basically means that the plaintiffs are alleging that R. Kelly and his buddies were running a criminal enterprise to find and take care of underage girls and then buy their silence.

A conviction on the charges in the Brooklyn indictment could lead to the singer facing decades behind bars. The case is sure to make more headlines as it makes its way through the courts. Kelly’s attorneys will also fight the court of public opinion, in which case, they may want to advise their client For not conducting more fiery interviews.

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