Social Host Responsibility: Legal Advice Before Serving Alcohol at a Party

Friends have beer to roast

The Super Bowl is just around the corner, and while the pandemic will definitely change or cancel a lot of partying, we now know that many more people will still be together.

It is important to remember that if you are a host and serve alcoholic beverages, you may still have to be the “fun cops” if you get excited seeing your friends. You want people to leave your party and remember a great time they have, but you also need to make sure everyone stays safe. Although a party host cannot prevent every kind of alcohol-related problem, here are some tips on how to reduce legal liability when serving alcohol to party guests.

What is the responsibility of a social host?

The responsibility of a social host generally applies to situations where a person hosts a party and serves alcohol. As the host, you can meet Civil and criminal liability for any injuries Because of a drunk inmate During or after Your party.

Social host laws vary from state to state, and some states even exempt social hosts from liability. However, even if your state does not have a social host law, your city may have a statute in place, which means you still have an obligation to your guests and the public.

Similar to host social responsibility laws Drama Store Laws, Which holds bars and restaurants responsible for continuing to serve alcohol to drunk customers who sit behind the wheel and cause injuries.

Responsibility during the party

You don’t have to literally serve drinks to be considered a social host. Allowing guests to serve themselves will not relieve you of liability. If a guest gets very drunk and injures himself or someone else during the party, you may face responsibility.

To avoid getting guests drunk, you may want to consider playing a waiter, asking a trusted friend, or hiring someone. You can also make sure the bar is visible, so you can see guests refilling their cups very quickly.

In addition to worrying about a drunk guest harming another person, you can counter this Responsibility if that drunk guest harms himself, such as slipping and falling. If you have uneven floors, steps, stairs, or low ceilings, you may want to consider making those potentially dangerous hazards (for a drunk person) more apparent. It may be advisable to have visual warnings based on your location, or you can try to restrict guests to certain areas of your home. (You really don’t want drunk guests wandering around anyway, do you?)

Responsibility after the party

Remember, your responsibility does not stop once someone leaves your home. Social Host Responsibility Laws pay particular attention to drunk driving accidents.

To avoid the social host’s responsibility for the guest drunk driving, there are several steps you can take. You can have each guest put their car keys in a basket that only you can access at the end of the night. From that way, If the guest appears so drunk that they cannot drive homeYou can keep their keys until the taxi or shared ride driver arrives. You can also ask several of your friends who are attending the work as designated drivers.

If you want to go to the extra patio, you can also offer your own sofa or guest bedroom. Police will also likely ramp up DUI enforcement this weekend in the Super Bowl. An extra evening of an annoying drunk friend can save you – and your friends – a lot of money and legal trouble.

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