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The Tinder dating app allowed countless lonely souls to meet each other with just swipes right on the phone screen. Soon, the service will make it easy to spot potential problems at a potential date.

Tinder’s parent company, Match Group, recently announced that it will partner with Garbo, a back-checking platform to provide the service. Match said the service would not be free; Customers will be able to add it for a fee when it becomes available later this year.

Initially, it will be offered on Tinder. Other Matchmaking services – OkCupid, PlentyOfFish, and Hinge – will offer them later.

“This is industry number one,” said Tracy Breden, Head of Safety at Match Group. Axios. “There weren’t any options for background checking in the dating industry.”

Reducing risks

Anyone looking for the right master or lady via digital dating knows that it is a practice that has some risks.

In 2019, an investigation was conducted by ProPublica Registered sex offenders are found on the Free Match Group Platforms. Prompted this revelation 11 members of Congress To send a message to the head of Match Group, Shar Duby, he says more needs to be done to protect users from sexual predators

In January 2020, Tinder added a ‘Panic button’ And the feature to verify the image to prevent “cat hunting”, when someone uses a fake identity online.

Criminal records do not include possession of drugs

Catherine Cosmides, CEO of Garbo, says people will be able to tell if the person they want to meet has a criminal record or other court action like restraining orders. She says, however, that the information will not include possession of drugs, which tends to be imposed against marginalized groups. No link to gender-based violence.

Digital dating is potentially more intimidating than the traditional kind (which can be intimidating enough), so any stress relief tools are great. The Match Group hasn’t announced the cost of the new service, but it appears to be a good investment for those seeking to find that perfect partner.

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