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Even before Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, he claimed that rampant voter fraud contributed to the election swing across the country.

As his re-election campaign intensifies, Trump continues to criticize him by mail voting, especially with COVID-19 providing the incentive for many to avoid casting their votes in person. Similar to his verbal messages, Trump’s re-election campaign has brought a lawsuit challenging Nevada’s new policy of mailing ballot papers to every registered voter. What does this lawsuit mean for the future of mail voting?

Trump vs AB4 in Nevada

Recently passed Nevada bill AB4 It would make the eighth state mailed absentee ballots automatically to all registered voters in the state. a lot of others Countries have revised voting policies by mail During the pandemic, however President Trump has dealt with Nevada in particular.

“In an illegal late-night coup, the Governor of the Nevada Club made it impossible for Republicans to win the state. The post office could never handle the passage of votes through the mail without preparation. Using Covid to steal the state. See you in court!” Trump tweeted.

The day after AB4 passed, his campaign filed a lawsuit challenging its judgments, although the suit quickly drew criticism over it. Unclear controversy and inaccurate description From the Nevada bill. The lawsuit has not yet clarified the cause of the constitutional problem at the time the law was passed.

The lawsuit claims that the new mail-order voting policies harm the Republican Party and reduce its chances of winning the election, Claiming that, “The [Republican National Committee] He also has an interest in preventing problematic constitutional changes from AB4 to the Nevada Election Act … AB4 forces the FNC to divert resources and spend large sums of money to educate Nevada voters about [vote-by-mail] The changes and encourage them to continue voting. “

What’s new in Florida?

Trump may have another incentive to attack the expansion of mail-order voting: personal advantage in polls.

Emerson University reports that Biden voters are more likely to vote by mail rather than in person, while Trump supporters tend to vote in person. Interestingly, Trump appeared to retreat from his rhetoric about the dangers of absentee balloting in a particular location.

He recently tweetedWhether you call it mail voting or absentee voting, Florida’s election system is safe, foolproof, tried and true. Florida’s voting system has been cleaned up (we’ve defeated Democrats’ attempts at change), so in Florida I encourage everyone to vote and vote by mail!

A win in Florida, an important swing state, is essential if Trump hopes for re-election in November. Experts attribute his change of position To vote by mail there is a fear of alienating Florida Republicans who want to request an absentee ballot.

Will absentee ballots be affected?

While it is difficult to predict the outcome of the lawsuit early in the proceedings, the main goal of the Trump administration lawsuit is to challenge the absentee ballots that were recently stamped. Regardless of the lawsuit’s decision, you can ensure that your vote is counted as soon as possible. You can find resources to determine this if you are voting by mail Here Or vote in person Here.

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