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The 2020 elections proved once again that the American people want to have marijuana. The drug is now either recreational, medicinal, legal, or non-criminalization in all but seven states.

On this election day, voters in Washington, DC and Oregon said they are ready to move forward with fate and dismantle the war on drugs. This year’s elections may herald big changes in other states in the coming years.

Oregon voters decriminalize the drugs. every one of them.

With a landslide of 59% -41%, Oregon voters approved the nation’s first ballot initiative Decriminalize the non-commercial possession of controlled substances. The move reduces the maximum penalty for possession of small amounts of controlled substances to a fine of $ 100.

The initiative includes drugs such as cocaine, heroin, oxycodone, and methamphetamine. People facing the $ 100 fine can avoid it by participating in a “health assessment.” The new law, which goes into effect on February 1, also uses sales tax money from recreational marijuana sales to fund rehabilitation and other addiction treatment options.

Selling and manufacturing these drugs is still illegal and Still holds Strict penalties With conviction. It should also be noted that these substances, as well as marijuana, remain illegal under federal law. Driving under the influence of these substances remains against the law in Oregon as well.

But one cannot get around the historical nature of this vote. In a study of the potential implications of the new law, the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission estimates convictions for possession of a controlled substance It will decrease by more than 90%. This will alleviate prison overcrowding and allow people with addictions to put their lives back on track without having to worry about a tarnished criminal record.

Voters also want to take a trip

Not ready to stop there, Oregon voters, by a 56% -44% margin as well It chose to be the first country in the nation to legalize psilocybin, Otherwise known as magic mushrooms, psychedelic mushrooms, or simply “mushrooms.”

The vote establishes a program that allows mushrooms to be used in a supervised therapeutic environment. A husband and wife psychotherapists led the effort, arguing that mushrooms are good for some people with addictions, depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.

In Washington, DC, the electorate Elected to decriminalize possession of magic mushrooms By a margin of 76% -24%.

Before Oregonians (and potential visitors) get excited about the vote, that doesn’t mean the mushrooms are on the same legal basis as marijuana. The Oregon Health Authority has two years to develop a regulatory framework for the supervised use of psilocybin by approved patients. The manufacture and sale of the substance is still illegal under Oregon law. However, the results of the decriminalization initiative will reduce the penalties for possession

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