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Kentucky State Attorney Daniel Cameron’s announcement that no further charges will be brought against the officers involved in the murder of Briona Taylor left many feeling confused and angered by the justice system’s actions.

In the end, a grand jury He only chose to charge one of the officers involved In Taylor’s death, three counts of endangerment. So why didn’t Cameron or the local prosecutors bring additional charges? Who has the power to bring criminal charges in a case like this, and what is the grand jury or who is it anyway?

Grand, way of speaking

You may be aware of what a jury is – many US citizens are called upon to work on it and determine the innocence or guilt of an accused person. But the A grand jury does not have the same role To determine guilt.

Instead, its responsibility is similar to a preliminary hearing: a grand jury determines if there is sufficient evidence or reason to bring charges against someone. If a grand jury charges someone, the trial will likely begin sooner, because it means there is a relatively strong case against the defendant.

However, if a grand jury chooses not to charge a person, that does not guarantee that the person will not face any charges for this particular crime. The prosecutor can still choose to press charges and must successfully convince the judge that the indictment is strong.

Why didn’t the grand jury seek justice for Priona?

A lawsuit was filed by a senior jury who was deciding whether to bring criminal charges against the officers who failed to enforce the non-strike warrant that ended with Taylor’s death.

The unprecedented suit It seeks to publish texts From grand jury deliberations. This is unusual because grand jury procedures are usually top secret and involve much more evidence than is usually admissible in court.

Indeed, that was revealed to Cameron He did not recommend the murder charges To the grand jury, a move that has confused many. Publication of the grand jury proceedings would give further insight into the night of Taylor’s death, and perhaps a beacon of hope for those looking to understand why the officers involved would not face greater repercussions.

Regardless of the outcome, more scrutiny of the justice system may provide more answers for everyone.

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